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Chord Hero Light


Chord Hero Light

The Lightest Instrument Is Now A Guitar





Guitar innovation
at its best.

Chord Hero Light uses revolutionary aerogel materials to create the lightest guitar for you and your family. No longer will the guitar be thought of as a heavy difficult to carry instrument. Starting today, kids can rock n'roll anywhere they want conveniently, bringing the coolness of music wherever they go.

0.01 pound 



Aerogel is a synthetic material that is 99.8% air, making it ultralight and strong.  It is created by replacing the liquid component of products such as silica gel and replace it with a gas.  The result of the process creates a solid with extremely low density and low thermal conductivity. 


Chord Hero Light Specs

  • Bolt-on Construction
  • Scale length of 25 1/2" 
  • Radius 13 3/4" 
  • Standard colour: Cloudy White
  • Soft cushion top
  • 22-frets marshmallow soft fingerboard
  • Aerogel Body
  • Master Volume and Master Tone Controls
  • Hail Soft bridge
  • Hail Soft nut and saddle
  • Colored, custom light strings (.12" - .52")
  • 5 position pickup switch